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About Pennie Blatchford

During my 19 year practice as a Sports Massage Therapist, I was acutely aware that I was often the only person to see some areas of my clients' skin. As a result, I was very careful to observe lesions and occasionally advised people to seek medical opinion. Aside from the very occasional "dodgy mole", I regularly saw men and women who were self-conscious about their benign skin blemishes.

Although harmless, some growths and defects can be deemed unsightly or embarrassing to those suffering with them. The majority of people do not realise these imperfections can be removed quickly and inexpensively by someone qualified in advanced electrolysis techniques.

I have personally been treated for thread veins, milia, blood spots, skin tags and seborrhoeic keratoses over the last seventeen years as a volunteer “body”

at a beauty school. Being so impressed by the results, I was saddened to find that some of my massage clients, though interested in having their blemishes removed, did not want to be treated by someone they “didn’t know”. Consequently, I decided to train in electrolysis for hair removal (using diathermy, galvanic and blend techniques) and then obtain my Independent Beauty Specialist Diploma in ACP using advanced electrolysis in order to be

fully qualified, competent, licensed and insured to carry out treatments for

my massage clients and others.

The treatment for many skin blemishes is instant and all treatable lesions are reduced in size and/or colour intensity, even on the occasions they do not completely disappear. It must be one of the most gratifying cosmetic treatments to carry out and to receive!

All treatments are carried out in my own comfortable,

professionally-equipped, dedicated treatment room. I am therefore able

to offer highly competitive prices. 

There is free, off-street parking.