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There are several types of harmless mole (naevi) and most can be safely

treated following examination by a medical practitioner.

If you wish to have a blemish treated which you believe to be a mole **, you are welcome to book a free consultation. If necessary, you will be advised to have the lesion examined by a medical practitioner and will be asked to sign to confirm you have done so prior to treatment being carried out. These moles can then be treated and, though technically they are not removed, their appearance can be so reduced/flattened that when the area is completely healed, it can be difficult to see where they once were.

Hairs growing from moles can be deep-rooted, thick and dark. These can be treated by a therapist qualified in advanced epilation techniques. During treatment, moles may be reduced in size and colour. You are advised to seek permission from a medical practitioner prior to having the hairs growing from a mole treated.

Non-pigmented mole

** The word “mole” is often misused in general speech. Someone may be described as being “covered in moles” when in reality they have a large number of lentigines. Skin tags (especially pigmented ones), haemangioma, seborrhoeic keratoses and epidermoid cysts may all be mistakenly referred to

as “moles” too. 

Please see "Before and After" page