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Epidermoid and Pilar Cysts

formerly referred to as sebaceous cysts.

These are smooth, round lumps caused by sacs filled with keratin (a fibrous protein) forming under the top layer of skin. Keratin normally has a toothpaste or waxy consistency but sometimes, particularly in the case of very long-standing cysts, it can be quite hard. Some cysts have a small horny growth in the centre.

Epidermoid (or epidermal) cysts can occur anywhere on the body but are most common on the face and torso. Pilar (or trichilemmal) cysts can also occur anywhere but are most common on the scalp.

These cysts vary in size from tiny (see milia) to pea-sized though, if allowed to, some can grow to a few centimetres across. Most typically, those removed using ACP are pea-sized or smaller. 

The appearance is generally considerably improved immediately following removal as the area is flattened within minutes. Within a day, a dark scab forms which falls off naturally (usually within 10 - 14 days). It is often impossible to tell, with the naked eye, where the lesion was within three or

four weeks of removal using ACP.

Epidermoid cyst

Please see "Before and After" page to see this

blemish following ACP treatment.