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ACP for Men

There are two reasons for seeking to have blemishes removed. One is because a raised lesion becomes sore where there is friction with skin, clothing or jewellery, the other is to improve appearance.  

The first more obviously affects either gender equally as, for example, a skin tag that becomes sore during sport is no less uncomfortable for a man than for a woman. The same goes for any raised lesion. Itchy seborrhoeic keratoses can also become inflamed if repeatedly scratched. However, whereas women may seek to have raised lesions removed from the underarms or groin because they can be nicked when they shave these areas, they do not have this problem with lesions on their face or scalp. Men sometimes do, and repeatedly catching a facial lesion whilst shaving can be troublesome and eventually lead to scarring. 

Some blemishes on the scalp, revealed as the hairline recedes or visible through thinning or close-cropped hair, may be removed for cosmetic reasons if deemed unsightly. However, as it is now the fashion for many men to shave their heads, particularly those with male-pattern baldness, raised lesions may be caught by a razor (or even a "Number 1", close shave). In either case, removal may be desirable.

Like women, men sometimes want skin defects removed if they feel the blemish makes them less attractive, whether this is to their partner (or a potential partner) or just generally. 

Men usually have a thicker epidermis (the top layer of skin) than women and

so are unlikely to be upset by the presence of vascular lesions such as thread

veins and spider naevi. This, and the tendency to have a thicker covering of body hair, may also make the presence of small blood spots or little fibrous blemishes of no concern. However, large blood spots (Campbell de Morgan spots), skin tags, warts, seborrhoeic keratosis, age spots, moles and epidermoid cysts can be just as unattractive on a man as they are on a woman.

Men may feel reluctant to go into a beauty salon to seek treatment for these blemishes so the privacy offered by a consultation with an independent practitioner may be the ideal solution.